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What are the benefits of supporting employees to ride to work?

Employees who ride are generally fitter, healthier and happier, being more productive, managing stress levels and taking less sick days.

Reduced costs due to increased productivity through enhanced wellbeing of staff as well as paying for less car spaces. Ten bicycles can easily fit in once car space and you can invest in racks that can comfortably fit twenty bikes in the same space.

Reduced congestion, also having an impact on the economy through easing the movement of goods and services.

Reduced carbon emissions and leading by example.

All this can lead to staff retention with business reaping the benefits through looking after your best assets. People are looking for employers that look after the environment and combat climate change.

Is an electric bike cheating?

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular but is an e-bike right for you?

A little bit of battery assistance is a great way to build confidence if you are concerned about your ability or your fitness. Many “regular” bike riders also find that they ride further or carry heavier loads when they use an e-bike. Hills and the wind are no longer an issue in Sydney, and an e-bike is great for arriving at meetings looking fresh and without breaking a sweat.

On a bike you travel sustainably and you spend much less time in traffic than sitting stationary in a car. Many people are swapping the family car for an electric bike that carries either kids or even adult passengers. An e-bike is also far cheaper to run than a car or motorbike and parking becomes a breeze.

How long does it take to learn to ride a bicycle?

At PedalEd we usually get people up and pedaling in a single two hour lesson. Everyone is different and the first step is that your instructor will get to know you as an individual and address any barriers or fears that make the process more challenging than it should be.

Up to 2 hours plus bike & helmet $220.

Some people take longer to build confidence and control skills.

Following the first lesson people are encouraged to practice and will have the knowledge and skills to ride a bicycle safely in an off street environment. You will have the knowledge to start building good habits that will keep you in good form for the rest of you adventures by bike.

From here “it’s just like riding a bike”.

Once you have learnt to ride, PedalEd can provide you with individual or group courses if you choose to ride for transportation and want to feel confident city riding on the streets of Sydney……or dream big…. and cycle across the world.