Cycling Sydneysider # 4: Justine

Cycling Sydneysider # 4: Justine

When did you start riding a bike?

I started riding a bike when I was a young child. My parents taught me, and I spent many happy hours cycling around the local neighbourhood with all the other kids.

I didn't spend much time at all cycling as an adult until about 10 years ago. I moved back to Sydney from a stint in London. I didn't have a car, nor did I want one. I live in the inner city so I decided cycling was the best way to get around.

What does your typical bicycle attire consist of?

I always wear cycling gloves and a helmet - the latter because it is the law in Australia. I tend to wear either cycling shorts with a pocket, or a fleecy jacket with pockets in winter. The pockets are useful for carrying my phone, and my keys which I keep on a carabiner, attached to a small rucksack that is always part of my cycling gear. In winter I also tend to wear cycling tights as baggy pants can get caught in the moving parts if I am not careful.

Do you prefer to ride on roads or shared paths and cycleways?

I prefer to ride on shared paths and cycleways wherever the roads are super-busy, and enjoy riding on dedicated bike paths.

If the roads are not busy, I definitely prefer riding on the road, as roads are designed for traffic and wheels in particular.

Whichever choice I make, it is important to me that I am hyper vigilant , being mindful of pedestrians as they can be unpredictable.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about starting to use a bike for transportation?

If you are going to start cycling in Sydney as a means of transportation, I would suggest doing a rider-training course to gain confidence negotiating a bike in traffic. Learn what you can do and what you should avoid. I also recommend you do a basic maintenance course so you can look after your bike - change a tyre, etc - should the need arise during your commute.

If you cycle to a meeting don't you get sweaty and gross?

Sydney is very humid, so you can get sweaty no matter what transport mode you choose. When cycling to work or a meeting, I wear clothes that wick, or take a change of clothes, deodorant and a hairbrush. I often carry a small towel to shower and/or change my clothes when I get to the other end.

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