Meet the Team


Jules Lawrence - Founder & Lead Instructor

Jules converted from motorbiking to biking in her 30s whilst living in Europe. She has lived experience of diverse cycling cultures and infrastructure around the world. She spent 18 months riding from London to Sydney, but is passionate that anyone can ride a bike and micro-adventures are to be found on our doorstep. She is a qualified cabinetmaker with a penchant for health and safety and rides self built bamboo bikes, folding and cargo bikes in preference to any other transport modes.


Li Ditlef-Nielsen - Ride & Maintenance Instructor

Li is a passionate believer in active transport and has been getting around various cities on 2 wheels since the age of 12. She worked as a cycle messenger in London and undertook maintenance training with Brixton Cycle Co-op in London. She has motivated numerous work colleagues to ditch other forms of transport and commute by bike and advised employers on appropriate end of trip and secure bike parking facilities. An avid tourer, whether it be to go to a festival, camping or across continents. She avoids lycra and enjoys the challenge of carrying cargo, be it cats, cupcakes or camping gear. Off the bike her background in health reinforces the benefits of cycling. She is super excited be be getting an electric cargo bike soon.


Rusty Langdon - Mechanic & Maintenance Instructor

Rusty is an integral part of PedalEd’s team bringing calm, a wealth of knowledge and a sense of humour. She is an experienced and skilled mechanic and experienced in route advice and engagement with the general public. She owned and managed her own bike shop Stallion Bikes from 2010-2016. If your bike has a mysterious rattle or squeak, Rusty is likely to have the solution. She is well versed in adapting her language, so she is understood by riders who can’t tell a cog from a chainring!